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This page includes resources and City requirements for a typical business and may not be exhaustive.  The absence of an item from this guide does not constitute a waiver.  While some links to external web pages are included for convenience, it remains the business owner's responsibility to communicate with and meet the requirements of all relevant local, state, and federal agencies.

New Business Resources

  • Who can provide entrepreneurial resources?
  • How do I find a location for my business?
  • Are incentives or financing assistance available?
  • What licenses and permits will be needed?
  • How do I start utilities and services for my business?
  • What taxes and fees will my business need to pay (and collect)?

Who can provide entrepreneurial resources?
MI Small Business
Development Center

(586) 254-3551         
The MI-SBDC is an SBA funded non-profit organization that
provides valuable resources to entrepreneurs.  Low-cost training,
one-on-one counseling, and market research are a few of the
services the SBDC offers to assist companies in achieving their
desired outcomes.  Whether yours is a new business looking for
guidance, an existing business primed for growth or a high tech
venture, the SBDC has services designed specifically for you.
Macomb County Small 
Business Resources

(586) 469-5285
 Macomb County works closely with the Michigan Small Business
Development Center to help entreprenuers get their businesses
started successfully.  Through that partnership, we offer access
to the services of SBDC Certified Business Consultants who are
prepared to work with you and your small business in a variety of
areas including; marketing, financial analysis and planning, strategic
planning, management and operations.

How do I find a location for my business?
City of Richmond 
Economic Development 
(586) 727-7571
Identifying the right location can be one of the most difficult tasks
for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a business.  Many
factors influence business location including market size,
competition, condition of existing buildings, feasibility of renovation
or new construction, zoning, etc.  Taking advantage of all of the
resources available to help can improve your chance for success.
If you haven't already identified a location for your business,
resources are available to help you.

Macomb County
Site Selection Services 

(586) 469-5285
Finding the right location to build or grow a business is a critical     
decision. Our research specialists can help you find available
buildings or developable sites based on your specifications.  

Is a special planning/
zoning approval
needed to operate in
this location?

What's my Zoning?

Zoning Ordinance
Business uses may be permitted by right, require a special
condition use approval, or require a hearing by the Board of Zoning
Appeals.  You will need to reference the Zoning Ordinance or
contact the Planning Department.  To determine whether a special
condition use approval is required for a specific business,
reference the Zoning Ordinance (see pp. 4-2 though 4-9).  For
documentation regarding non-conforming ("grandfathered") uses, 
please contact the Planning Director.

Are incentives or financing assistance available?
Economic Development Website
(586) 727-7571       
The Planning & Economic Development Department assists
businesses with site development, expansion, and location within
the City.  Staff can provide information and assistance for
tax abatements, site selection, and our TIFA facade programs
that provide cost assistance for building upgrades in our historic
business districts.
Michigan Economic

(822) 522-0103
Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) works to     
increase the availability of capital for companies in Michigan at
every stage of company development.  MEDC can help connect
your business with capital providers - federal grants, venture
capitalists, banks, and others - as well as offer programs that can
expand the reach of those capital providers.

What licenses and permit will be needed?
Michigan Business        
One Stop
Use this comprehensive tool to identify state requirements for
business, including licenses and permits. The idea behind the
Michigan Business One Stop is to make doing business in our state
easier than ever!