The Richmond City Cemetery is located at the northern extreme of the city, adjacent to M-19.The area of the cemetery is approximately 18.5 acres. The northern 5.1 acres was purchased in 1995. Development of the new property was started October, 1998, with building demolition and land balancing. During the spring and summer of 2000, water was extended to the area and the main driveway entrance was installed. In the late spring of 2005, the perimeters of the roadway, pathways, and grave sections will be plotted out with installation of the irrigation system and underground electric conduit being completed during the summer of 2005.

Record Keeping

All administrative and record-keeping matters are handled through the City Clerk's Office at City Hall. For information pertaining to the cemetery, contact Dawn Field at City Hall, 586-727-7571 ext. 201.

The Jean Starr Memorial Mausoleum

The mausoleum is located in the Richmond Cemetery. The mausoleum is a joint venture between the City of Richmond and Richmond Management, Inc (RMI) that was formalized in 1989. For sales information on the mausoleum, contact the representative of RMI, Craig Baxter, at 586-265-5469. For information pertaining to mausoleum opening and closings, contact Dawn Field at City Hall, 586-727-7571 ext. 201.


The cemetery sexton is responsible to the public service director for the operation of the cemetery. On-site operation and maintenance functions are performed by Public Works personnel and supervised by the sexton.

Cemetery Restoration Program

The Richmond Cemetery Restoration Program is intended to provide needed restoration and preservation of monuments within the Cemetery. For more information on this program click here.