What are the new changes to the seat belt laws and child restraints?
Children under the age of 4 must be in approved safety seats, wherever they are seated. For children less than 20 pounds, the child or infant seat must face the rear of the vehicle, according to the standard in the Code of Federal Regulations. However, rear-facing infant seats should never be placed in the front passenger seat of a vehicle equipped with air bags. Inflating air bags can seriously injure or suffocate the child. The safest place for a child in a passenger vehicle is in the middle of the back seat, properly buckled. Never hold a child on your lap or buckle a child with another passenger into one safety belt.

Children 4 years of age or more, but less than 16 years of age must be protected by a safety belt in the front or back seat. Until children are 8 years old or 4 feet, 9 inches tall, they must be in either a properly fitting child safety seat or booster seat.

The driver and all front seat passengers must wear a safety belt. Young people under age 18 cannot ride in the open bed of a pickup truck traveling more than 15 mph. The law allows exceptions for vehicles used by farmers, construction workers, the military, in parades, and by authorized emergency and rescue personnel.

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