Roosevelt Civic Auditorium (The Aud)


Volunteers Needed

The Richmond Recreation Department operations are such that there are several occasions that volunteer opportunities become available with various events, programs and skills.

To categorize volunteer opportunities, some of the volunteer assignments may be classified as follows:   

  • Opening and Closing for programs 
  • Taking money and recording payments
  • Taking punch cards and document as needed
  • Staff the building for group meetings or rentals
  • Assist the Recreation Departments with events

 If you have a special skill or talent that you would like to volunteer to share with the community, please include the details on your application under this category. 

Regardless of the area you wish to volunteer your time and service, you must agree to follow the required steps to be approved and to become an eligible volunteer. 

Volunteers will: 

  1. Complete and submit a Volunteer Application
  2. Agree to participate in a thorough background investigation (includes references)
  3. Attend Volunteer Orientation. The Recreation Director will provide all of the necessary training for those volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Aud, please fill out the Volunteer Application by clicking here.