Assessor's Office Accessibility Policy

Assessor’s Office Accessibility Policy pursuant to PA 660 of 2018:
City Hall’s business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:30pm, with the exception of observed holidays. The Assessor’s office hours are Tuesday and Thursday during normal business hours.
A taxpayer may submit inquiries directly to Assessor Mitchell Elrod by email at, or by phone at (586) 727-7571. The estimated response time to inquiries is 7 or less business days. 
A taxpayer may arrange a meeting with the Assessor for the purpose of discussing an inquiry in-person by calling (586) 727-7571 or by emailing
Taxpayer requests for inspection or production of records maintained by the Assessing Department may be made by calling (586) 727-7571. A staff member will be assigned the request; a Freedom of Information Act request may be required.
Mitchell Elrod, MMAO, MCPPE, Assessor