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Library Card Application

    Please enter the full name without abbreviations.
  2. A password to access our online services. Must be four numbers.
    If this card is for someone under 18, this section should use the information for the parent or legal guardian.
  4. Notification Preference*
  5. Would you like your checkout history to be kept in your record?
    Only fill out this section if you are applying for someone under 18 years of age.
  7. Relationship
  8. NOTE: The parent or legal guardian must sign the service agreement
    The Michigan Library Privacy Act prohibits the sharing of your account information. You may waive this protection and grant full access to certain individuals. Those with access may see your checkouts, pay your fines, and obtain your holds. At your discretion, please list who you would like to grant access. NOTE: If these individuals are library patrons, their library account must be in good standing to have access.
    (Read and sign to accept)
  11. *I hereby apply for a borrower's card and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the library.
  12. *I agree that I am responsible for all use of this card and agree to pay all fines and fees that are charged to my account.
  13. *In the event of a lost card or change in my address, I agree to give the library prompt notice.
  14. *I certify that the information on this application is true and further understand that any fraudulent statement may result in the cancellation of library privileges.
  15. *I understand that the library does not charge a fee for text messaging, but that my cellular plan may charge standard text messaging rates.
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