Economic Development Corporation

The purpose of the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is to further the economic development of the City of Richmond through the promotion of the growth and economic development of industrial and commercial enterprises. The primary objective of the EDC is twofold, business retention and business attraction.

Business Retention

Business Retention is the programs and procedures that we use to help existing businesses within the City of Richmond. We currently have two financial aid programs that help businesses, and offer promotional items and events that promote Richmond.

Retention Programs

The two programs that the City of Richmond offers are the Project Clean-Up Program and the Downtown Revitalization Program. Each program offers either grants or innovative financing options to businesses interested in doing exterior repairs or alterations to their storefronts. These programs are available to all commercial properties within the Tax Increment Finance Authority district. For a map of the TIFA district, click here.

Richmond Business Directory

The Richmond Business Directory is a list of all businesses that operate within the City of Richmond. This listing is broken into categories such as General Retail, Financial Institutions, and Medical Services. The business directories are available at City Hall and are automatically inserted in the welcome baskets given to new residents.

Business Attraction

On the other end of the spectrum is our business attraction efforts. Business attraction is primarily the act of listing available commercial / industrial properties, working with local real estate agents, working with Macomb County's Planning and Economic Development Department, and working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

If you are a developer interested in Richmond or if you are interested in opening a business in the City of Richmond, we would love to work with you to make the process simple and straight-forward. Please feel free to contact the Planning and Economic Development Director here!