Wastewater Treatment Plant

The city's Wastewater Treatment Plant is an activated sludge / oxidation ditch plant. The plant is designed to handle 900,000 gallons per day average annual flow. Due to the storage capacity of the oxidation ditches, under very abnormal conditions the plant could retain up to 5,000,000 gallons of wastewater for processing when conditions returned to normal. The plant was designed to meet the anticipated growth needs of the city into the year 2000. As of 2001, wastewater flows are at 77% of the plant's design capacity.


Mr. Brent Ames is the Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent.

The plant is located at 35653 31-Mile Road. While the plant is owned by the city, the operation of the plant is performed by EZ Operations and Consulting through contractual arrangements. The telephone number for the plant is 586-727-7574.