Water Meters

There are over 2,300 water meters in the system, and the list is getting larger on a daily basis.

Meter Reading

The city is divided into three sections for reading purpose, with each section read quarterly. Readings are entered into a touch-pad recording device, which allows the readings to be down loaded into the main computer at City Hall for billing purposes.


The City Treasurer's Office processes utility billing and answers billing information requests. If you receive what you think is an exceptionally high bill please check your toilets and faucets. We have found that 90% of the time, the cause is a leaking commode or faucet.

Ownership & Access

Water meters are the property of the city and remain under city control at all times. City Code requires that meter reading devices be located in easily accessible locations and that authorized personnel of the city shall have free access to them at all reasonable hours. Yard fences with locked gates or a loose dog and dogs on long ropes or chains create difficulties for a meter reader.

Address Numbers

No visible address on buildings causes difficulty for a meter reader, as well as for police, firefighters, and ambulances in the event of an emergency. Please be sure that there is an address number clearly visible on your home or store front.