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Federal Equal Opportunity Housing Laws

The City of Richmond does business in accordance with Federal and State Fair Housing laws.  The Federal Fair Housing Act prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of nation origin, religion, sex, familial status, or disability.

State Equal Opportunity Housing Laws

The State of Michigan provides additional protection against housing discrimination based on chronological age and marital status in the State of Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act.  The State of Michigan Persons With Disabilities Civil Rights Act also expands protections against housing discrimination for persons with disabilities.

Fair Housing Resources

Please review the following resources for more information on fair housing and what to do if you believe your fair housing rights have been violated:

  1. Equal Opportunity for All - HUD Fair Housing Brochure (PDF)
  2. National Association of Realtors Fair Housing Guide
  3. Victim of Housing Discrimination - Instruction and Complaint Form

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